How to Spray Paint Ombre Fall Vases

Hey Everyone! Happy Wednesday! Like many of you I’m really starting to get into the fall spirit of things, and I’m loving these cooler nights. I’ve seen a lot of ombre painted furniture and I think it’s just fabulous so I decided to try my hand at an ombre project for fall.

I just recently saw some lovely pink spray painted vases on a great blog called Shabby Gals, and I was inspired. So I decided to spray paint some vases in fall colours using an ombre effect. I wasn’t sure how this idea of mine would turn out, but it was actually very easy and a lot of fun.

For those of you who don’t know what ombre means it’s when hues of the same colour, or different colours, gradually blend into each other seamlessly. It’s a really lovely effect and I’ve been wanting to try it on something.



So here are my three finished vases with slight variations in colour. The one on the left was my experiment vase so I didn’t take a before pic of that one.  I sprayed it with yellow, orange, and red, using the technique below that I’ll show with the vase on the right.



I used Krylon spray paints for this project.



All of these vases are from thrift stores and cost a total of $2.50.



I turned the vase upside down and spray painted it yellow. I did this so I would get nice coverage on the top half of the vase without the paint going inside.



Then I turned it right side up and spray painted the bottom half yellow.



Then, while it’s still wet, I spray painted with the orange. Starting about 1/3 of the way down the vase I held my can farther away than usual so the spray wasn’t so heavy and with light spray strokes I made my way down the vase. I brought the can very gradually closer until I had my opaque orange at the bottom. I just eyeballed it to my liking.



Here’s the before of the large vase. For this vase I used the same technique as above, but then I added red, and finally burgundy around the bottom


And here are my finished vases again. I used a fall coloured scarf as a tablecloth and set the vases up on my front porch. The vase on the right is holding a yellowing hosta leaf and a stem of autumn joy sedum, which is just starting to turn pink because of the cool nights. By mid-October it will be a beautiful red. The large vase is holding red emperor sedum, which is a very deep purple burgundy all the time, and some ornamental grasses. The vase on the left is holding a sprig of ligularia flowers.
I hope you’ll try this yourself. It was really simple and these autumn vases are so bright and cheerful.
Thanks so much for visiting!


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    Just found your blog – and I admit, I'm quiet smitten with it in one page!!! LOVE the vases – now on to my local thrifty shop to find my own!! ..and to look on more of your site!! :)

  2. says

    Super clever – Love it – perfect decoration for a halloween party! I'm a new follower – love you to come visit me at 'my place' sometime soon – we're celebrating classy craft like yours everyday! Linda. x

  3. says

    These look fantastic!!! Love the ombre effect and the bright colors, of course! :) Thanks for sharing your talent with us at Gettin' Krafty last week! Can't wait to see what you've got this week!

    • says

      Thanks so much Lisa! I never even thought of that. It would be cool to try doing some just to sell. The possibilities would be endless with all the different colour combinations that could be done. I'll have to think about that! Thanks for the suggestion.

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